Index by street

Albany Street
Silverwood Terrace. 134-144 Albany Street.

Anzac Avenue
Dunedin Railway Station. 20 Anzac Avenue.
Co-operative Dairy Company of Otago factory and offices. 90 Anzac Avenue.

Arthur Street
Janitor’s house, Otago Boys’ High School. 18 Arthur Street.

Bath Street
Acetylene Buildings (workshop). 29 Bath Street.

Bond Street
Milburn Lime & Cement Co. head office. 90 Crawford Street (89 Bond Street).
J.W. Swift & Co. building. 110 Bond Street.

Carroll Street (formerly Walker Street)
Chinese Mission Church. 58 Carroll Street.

Castle Street
Quick’s Building. 210 Castle Street.

Crawford Street
Otago Education Board offices. 33 Jetty Street (75 Crawford Street).
Milburn Lime & Cement Co. head office. 90 Crawford Street.

Cumberland Street
May’s confectionery works. 249 Cumberland Street.

Dowling Street
Ahlfeld Buildings (Hallenstein Bros). 14-16 Dowling Street.
Hallenstein’s New Zealand Clothing Factory. 18-21 Dowling Street.
Gillies & Street Building. 36-40 Dowling Street.

Filleul Street
About the street

George Street, Dunedin City
Sussex Hotel. 132-140 George Street.
Dreavers Buildings, 149-165 George Street.
Irvine & Stevenson buildings. 186-198 George Street.
City Boot Palace. 202-206 George Street.
Royal Albert Hotel. 387 George Street.
Victoria Foundry. 434 George Street.

George Street, Port Chalmers
Dodds’ Building. 6 George Street, Port Chalmers.
Matilda Ritchie’s Building. 10 George Street, Port Chalmers.
Sutton Brothers Store. 21 George Street, Port Chalmers.
John Thomson’s building. 23-25 George Street, Port Chalmers.
Marine Hotel. 31 George Sreet, Port Chalmers.
Milnes’ Building (originally Cameron’s). 34 George Street, Port Chalmers.
Port Chalmers Police Station. 35 George Street, Port Chalmers.
Royal Hotel. 52 George Street, Port Chalmers.

Gordon Road, Mosgiel
Cenotaph/war memorial, Gordon Road, Mosgiel.

Great King Street
Albyn House (Albion Hotel). 558 Great King Street.
Gleeson’s Terrace. 618-626 Great King Street.

Haywood Street, Mornington
Dr Emery’s house. 16 Haywood Street.

High Street
Ross & Glendining clothing factory. 167 High Street.
Cavendish Chambers. 211 High Street.

Jetty Street
Otago Education Board offices. 33 Jetty Street.
Otago Harbour Board offices. 43 Jetty Street.

Leith Street
Appin (Cameron House). 311 Leith Street.

Manse Street
Barton’s Buildings (Stafford House). 2 Manse Street.
Craigie House. 22 Manse Street.

Moray Place
Kaiapoi Building (Wynyard House). 17 Moray Place.
Temperance Hall (The Choral Hall). 21-27 Moray Place.
Hewitt’s Building. 45-51 Moray Place.
Moray Terrace (Gladstone House). 57-65 Moray Place.
Otago Pioneer Women’s Memorial Building. 362 Moray Place.
RSA Building (Arrow House). 469 Moray Place.

Police Street
J.W. Swift & Co. building. 110 Bond Street (Police Street corner).

Prince Albert Road
St Kilda Hotel. 2 Prince Albert Road.

Princes Street
Dresden Building (Capitol Building). 67-69 Princes Street.
The Rio Grande. 73 Princes Street.
Hotel Central. 90-108 Princes Street.
Gillies & Street Building. 137-141 Princes Street.
Farley’s Buildings. 118-146 Princes Street.
Oriental Hotel. 152 Princes Street.
Whitcombe & Tombs Building. 168-174 Princes Street.
Eldon Chambers, 192 Princes Street.
Prince of Wales Hotel. 474 Princes Street.

Regent Road
Eden Bank House (St Helens Hospital). 9 Regent Road.

St Andrew Street
Irvine & Stevenson Buildings. 59-67 St Andrew Street.

Stafford Street
Ross & Glendining warehouse/factory, 8 Stafford Street.

Stuart Street
McCarthy’s Buildings. 2-14 Stuart Street.
Sweetings. 49-51 Stuart Street.
Roberts Building. 99-101 Stuart Street.
Acetylene Buildings. 126-132 Stuart Street.
Manchester Unity Chambers. 132-142 Stuart Street.
Batchelor’s Building. 145-155 Stuart Street.
Chapman’s Terrace. 235-241 Stuart Street.
The Perry residence. 242 Stuart Street.

Tweed Street, Roslyn
Hudson house. 28 Tweed Street.

Vogel Street
Hogg, Howison, Nicol & Co. Building. 19 Vogel Street.
Otago Harbour Board offices. Corner Jetty and Vogel streets.

Water Street
Union Steam Ship Company offices. 49 Water Street.

Wilkinson Street, Liberton
Dunedin’s first state house. 11 Wilkinson Street.

York Place
Dr Siedeberg’s house. 75 York Place.

9 thoughts on “Index by street

  1. Victoria Jaenecke

    Hi there, very interesting site you have made, thank you! In your research I am wondering if you have come across a building called the Royal Hotel in Dunedin. My ancestor George Lewis Fleury was apparently the publican or manager/owner there, definitely in 1851, as shown by some ads in the Otago Witness for that year…but I am having trouble finding out where this building may have been (address) and how long it existed and whether there is perhaps a sketch or even photo somewhere…thank you.

  2. Graham Hill

    Would like to know if the ‘Farmers’ were ever in the Deka building and what was the name of the business previous to them in their present building. Love the site – far better than my memory of when I lived in Dunedin. Thanks.

    1. David Murray Post author

      Hi Graham. Farmers were in that building around 2003-04 while they were rebuilding on their present site. The original department store on their present site was built for A. & T. Inglis (succeeded by Brown Ewing and Haywrights). The front and south walls are all that survive of the old buildings.

  3. Bronwyn Sprague

    Hello David,
    I wondered if you had any information on a property 1 Duke St, North Dunedin? It is intriguingly “ not like the others”. Is there any information about architect and other buildings of similar style around the city. I see on oneroof it was built in the 1920s, possibly as apartments?
    Thank you,

    1. David Murray Post author

      It was built in 1917 as the home of Henry Peter Johnson and family. Johnson was a Dane, born with the surname Marienlund. He was probably Dunedin’s best known fishmonger with his shop on George Street that continued for decades after his death in 1939 (the building still bears the name Johnson’s Building). Owen Macfie was the architect of the house – an interesting guy…he was born in New Zealand in 1883 and trained here and in England. His family lived in Waikouaiti. I’ll write more about him when I find the time (goodness knows when that will be!). Definitely an unusual building and it gives the impression the client had particular ideas about what he wanted. The original finish was a gold/cream colour.

  4. Stella

    Hi there, I was wondering if you had any information on 8 View Street? It is right at the very top of the street and directly across the road from Otago girls’ high school. Thank you

    1. David Murray Post author

      Hi Stella. The house at 8 View Street was built in 1909 for Joseph and Diana Bremner. William Farquharson was the builder (and likely designer). Joseph Reid Bremner was a wine merchant who started out with R. Wilson & Co. as a boy and ended up the manager and a director of the company. He later founded Milne Bremner & Co. with James Milne. Joseph died in the View Street house on 7 April 1924 and Diana only six months later on 12 October. This is confirmed by their death notices. They were both still only in their forties (49 and 46) when they died. Joseph’s health had been bad for some years and he had been forced to retire six years before he died (Otago Daily Times, 8 April 1924 p.8 Both are buried in the Andersons Bay Cemetery where there is quite an impressive family monument. Diana and Joseph left three children, all boys with the youngest sixteen years old.

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