Index by architect

Barton, Joseph (1853-1917)
See Walden & Barton

Boldini, Louis (1832-1908)
Royal Albert Hotel. 387 George Street.
Eden Bank House additions. 9 Regent Road.

Burnside, John Arthur (1856-1920)
Irvine & Stevenson Buildings. 186-198 George Street.
Roberts Building. 99-101 Stuart Street.
Acetylene Buildings. 126-132 Stuart Street.

Cameron, Thomas Bedford (c.1837-1894)
Moray Terrace (Gladstone House). 57-65 Moray Place.
Appin (Cameron House). 311 Leith Street.

Clayton, William Henry (1823-1877)
Oriental Hotel. 152 Princes Street.
See also Mason & Clayton

Coombs, Leslie Douglas (1885-1952)
Hewitt’s Building. 45-51 Moray Place.

Dunning, Cecil Gardner (1898-1962)
Otago Pioneer Women’s Memorial Building. 362 Moray Place.

Dunning, William Henry (1872-1933)
Ross & Glendining hat factory, 8 Stafford Street.
RSA Building (Arrow House). 469 Moray Place.
Barton’s Buildings (Stafford House). 2 Manse Street.

Forrest, Robert (c.1839-1919)
Temperance Hall (The Choral Hall). 21-27 Moray Place.
Sussex Hotel. 132-140 George Street.
Hogg, Howison, Nicol & Co. Building. 19 Vogel Street.
St Kilda Hotel. 2 Prince Albert Road.

Fraser, Roy Henderson (1895-1972)
See Mandeno & Fraser

Gough, George William (1863-1936)
May’s confectionery works. 249 Cumberland Street.

Grasby, William
Dreavers Buildings, 149-165 George Street.

Hislop, James (1859-1904)
Ahlfeld Buildings (Hallenstein Bros). 14-16 Dowling Street.
City Boot Palace. 202-206 George Street.

Hooper, Basil Bramston (1876-1960)
Quick’s Building. 210 Castle Street.

Laing, Percy (1859-1915)
Gleeson’s Terrace. 618-626 Great King Street.

Lawson, Robert Arthur (1833-1902)
Eldon Chambers, 192 Princes Street.

Lomax, Charles (c.1850-1906)
Ross & Glendining clothing factory. 167 High Street.

Lowther, Launcelot William Stratton (1901-1970)
Co-operative Dairy Company of Otago factory and offices. 90 Anzac Avenue.

McKinnon, Gordon (1856-1922)
Marine Hotel. 31 George Sreet, Port Chalmers.
Royal Hotel. 52 George Street, Port Chalmers.

Mandeno & Fraser
The Perry residence. 242 Stuart Street.
Manchester Unity Chambers remodelling. 132-142 Stuart Street.
NMA Building remodelling. 49 Water Street.

Mason & Clayton
Gillies & Street Building. 137-141 Princes Street.

Mason & Wales
Dunning Bros and Thomson, Strang & Co. buildings. 90-108 Princes Street.
Sutton Brothers Store. 21 George Street, Port Chalmers.
Additions to Ross & Glendining warehouse, 8 Stafford Street.
J.W. Swift & Co. building. 110 Bond Street.
Craigie House. 22 Manse Street.

Mason, William (1810-1897)
See Mason & Clayton, Mason & Wales

McGregor, John
Ross & Glendining warehouse, 8 Stafford Street.

Miller & White
Irvine & Stevenson Buildings. 59-67 St Andrew Street.
Choral Hall remodelling. 21-27 Moray Place.

Miller, Eric Stuart Campbell (1896-1948)
Cavendish Chambers. 211 High Street.
See also Miller & White

Mowat, David Gourlay (1880-1952)
The Rio Grande. 73 Princes Street.
Cenotaph/war memorial, Gordon Road, Mosgiel.

Petre, Francis William (1847-1918)
Otago Harbour Board offices. 43 Jetty Street.

Public Works Department under J.T. Mair (1876-1959)
Port Chalmers Police Station. 35 George Street, Port Chalmers.

Roach, Edmund (1835-1912)
Manchester Unity Chambers. 132-142 Stuart Street.

Ross, David (1828-1908)
Eden Bank House additions. 9 Regent Road.
Prince of Wales Hotel. 474 Princes Street.
Dodds’ Building. 6 George Street, Port Chalmers.
Chapman’s Terrace. 235-241 Stuart Street.
Hallenstein’s New Zealand Clothing Factory. 18-21 Dowling Street.
Union Steam Ship Company offices. 49 Water Street.

Salmond, Arthur Louis (1906-1994)
Milburn Lime & Cement Co. head office. 90 Crawford Street.

Salmond, James Louis (1868-1950)
Chinese Mission Church. 58 Carroll Street.
Matilda Ritchie’s Building. 10 George Street, Port Chalmers.
Batchelor’s Building. 145-155 Stuart Street.
Dr Siedeberg’s house. 75 York Place.
Kaiapoi Building (Wynyard House). 17 Moray Place.
Dresden Building (Capitol Building). 67-69 Princes Street.

Salmond & Vanes
Dresden Building (Capitol Building). 67-69 Princes Street.
Kaiapoi Building (Wynyard House). 17 Moray Place.

Salmond & Salmond
Milburn Lime & Cement Co. head office. 90 Crawford Street.

Shaw, Joseph Lowe (c.1820-1906)

Small, James (c.1843-1919)
Silverwood Terrace. 134-144 Albany Street.

Smith, Charles G.
Farley’s Buildings. 118-146 Princes Street.

Smith, Henry McDowell (1887-1965)
Hudson house. 28 Tweed Street.

Somerville, John (1834-1905)
Otago Education Board offices. 33 Jetty Street.

Stone & Sturmer
Donald Reid & Co. remodelling. 43 Jetty Street.
Royal Albert Hotel remodelling. 387 George Street.

Stone, Gorton Russell (1902-1979)
See Stone & Sturmer

Troup, Sir George Alexander (1863-1941)
Dunedin Railway Station. 20 Anzac Avenue.

Von Sturmer, Frank (1901-1980)
See Stone & Sturmer

Vanes, Robert Newton (1884-1961)
See Salmond & Vanes

Walden, Edward Walter (1870-1944)
Whitcombe & Tombs Building. 168-174 Princes Street.
See also Walden & Barton

Walden & Barton
McCarthy’s Buildings. 2-14 Stuart Street.
Sweetings. 49-51 Stuart Street.

White, James Hodge (1895-1970)
See Miller & White

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