The map below shows the locations of buildings featured on this blog. Use the zoom function at left and click on the pins for details.

2 thoughts on “Map

  1. Tracy Kirk

    Hoping you might be able to help me trace the plastering work of my GG grandfather Charles George Bellman (1838-1917) and his son Charles Albert Bellman (1866-1952). Charles George emigrated to New Zealand 1864 and settled in Dunedin with his wife Maria and had a family there until 1886 when they returned to Melbourne. I noticed his residences being Stafford Street, Moray Place and Maitland Street Dunedin, which you mention in your website.

    1. David Murray Post author

      Unfortunately it’s very difficult to trace this sort of work – unless it’s for a major project reported in the newspapers, or a reference survives in the records of whoever commissioned or sub-contracted out the work. It should be more straightforward to identify some of the locations Bellman lived through directories and council rates records, and he may or may not have done some work on those properties.

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