Dining room. C.M. Collins photographer.

Stucco (Evening Star 19 July 1927): ‘DINING ROOM. A feature of the large dining room is the beautifully cut and fitted tiled grate, which was also specially imported. A manager from one of the biggest tile firms in England on a visit here asserts that they are the best slabs he has ever seen, and he has written to the manufacturers congratulating them on their splendid workmanship. Mr Hudson is particularly pleased with it, and states that he has at least something that cannot be equalled in the dominion. The chandelier is a piece of adornment calculated to gladden the heart of a lover of the most luxurious decoration. It is a dazzling bit of work, but quite in keeping with the beauteous surroundings.’

Stucco (Evening Star 26 July 1927): ‘Following are particulars that have been supplied of the painting and glazing work at Mr Ambrose Hudson’s house, Tweed street. Mr S. F. Aburn was the contractor … Dining and meals rooms: Ceiling calcomined white, woodwork stained in walnut and flat varnished; walls papered with English wallpapers. Dividing doors, bevelled plate glass.’

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