Billiard room. C.M. Collins photographer.

Stucco (Evening Star 19 July 1927): ‘BILLIARD ROOM. The first room examined by the writer was the billiard room, which at the time of his inspection was still minus the specially imported electric fittings that are Mr Hudson’s special pride. It is 27ft 3in by 19ft, and fitted out in a manner that would be the envy of the great champions of the fascinating pastime, whilst even the most awkward cueist could do his worst without running the risk of sending the ornaments scattering. The floors are of jarrah, all the boards being of one length. It is the only jarrah used in the house. The shaded ceiling is coved, there being two particularly massive beams across it. It is lighted on three sides, there being several richly decorated wall lantern lights. The electric wall fittings were specially imported by Mr Hudson, and there are four gorgeous carvings depicting science, literature, etc. As in most of the other rooms, the heating is provided by recessive radiators.’

Stucco (Evening Star 26 July 1927):
‘Following are particulars that have been supplied of the painting and glazing work at Mr Ambrose Hudson’s house, Tweed street. Mr S. F. Aburn was the contractor … Billiard room: Dado and carving, stained Jacobean; ceiling stippled and blended from biscuit color to light cream.’

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