The Hudson house – and now some early photographs

Since writing the last post about the Hudson house at 28 Tweed Street (currently for sale) I have been able to copy these wonderful images by photographer C.M. Collins, taken soon after the house was completed. Click on an image to enlarge it, and follow the arrows through the slideshow. Original descriptions from Stucco’s Evening Star articles are included in the captions underneath. I’ve also inserted them into the original post.

My thanks to Andrew and Denise Lane for allowing me to share this special record.

9 thoughts on “The Hudson house – and now some early photographs

  1. Ann Barrowclough (formerly Menzies)

    The last picture shows our old house Rustat, 26 Tweed Street, which I lived in for 50 years (1961-2011). It shows the house, which was built in 1909 with some, but not all of its alterations, which were so many that Charles Brash, who was born in the house, told me in the early 1960s, ‘the original architect would not recognise it’. Some of the alterations would have been done by Dr H.D. Skinner who owned it from 1919 until Mike Menzies and I bought it in 1964. I would love to see more early pictures of Rustat if anyone has any.

    1. David Murray Post author

      Thanks for sharing that history Ann. I don’t know of other photographs apart from mid-century aerial views of the general area. Perhaps someone else that sees this might be able to help.

  2. Craig Marsterson

    My great-grandmother Clara Busbridge, was born on Andersons Bay Road, Dunedin, in 1875. Her father Edward was a brickmaker, he ended up in North Queensland, Australia.


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