Local body elections and common names

This is just a wee note to clarify that I am not the David Murray standing for election to the Dunedin City Council. It’s a common name and he is no relation (unless perhaps there’s some connection way back in Sutherlandshire). You can read his profile here. There doesn’t seem to have been too much confusion, but a few  comments have come my way, so I thought it might be a good idea to mention it.

David Murray
(the one who writes this blog)

6 thoughts on “Local body elections and common names

  1. zillter

    Glad you mentioned that David. People do vote for a name, just like the famous actor name on the Regional Council.

  2. longwhitekid

    I can assure everyone that Dr. Dave of BID is NOT the same person as the councillor. He is far more likely to be seen in a nannamobile than giving royal waves from a parade float.

    1. David Murray Post author

      Of the thirty-seven David Murrays listed on Wikipedia, I particularly recommend the works of the American jazz musician. He is not me either. Nor am I the Sixth Viscount of Stormont, a Scottish landscape painter, a West Indian wicket keeper, or an actor who had a small role in Batman Begins. At school there was a boy one year behind me who had not only the same first and last names, but also the same middle name. When I went to the reunion I found they had mistaken me for a typing error.

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